Undertale for Windows

The role playing game that lets you spare the life of monsters

Undertale is a role playing game for PC. It invites you to make friends with monsters rather than fight them. It is also a game where you can date a skeleton.

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  • Befriend your enemies
  • The changes in the story
  • Its complex plot
  • Short but replayable


  • Some puzzles are repeated


Undertale is a role playing game for PC. It invites you to make friends with monsters rather than fight them. It is also a game where you can date a skeleton.

Befriend your enemies

Undertale presents a battle system that is typical of role playing games. However, this system includes a series of secondary options for you to try and make friends with your enemies. Discover the emotional state of the monsters you fight against and use it to your advantage so that they lose their will to fight. Right after that you'll be able to spare their life.

An Undertale game changes thanks to this option of sparing the life of others. Your decisions will affect the story in an umpredictable way, certain characters will become your allies... Since Undertale lasts six hours, you can replay it as often as you can to see the different alternatives. Will you be a good person or a butcher? But... be careful: the game records your previous decisions and "reminds" you of them when you start over.

Something dark lurks beneath the surface

Undertale breaks the fourth wall over and over to affect you, the player. We cannot be more precise about this, but many of the surprises that await you in this game are similar to the battles against Psycho Mantis in Metal Gear Solid, or the duel against the Scarecrow in Batman Arkham Asylum.

Undertale is very reminiscent of Earthbound, Nintendo's role playing saga. On the surface it seems like a friendly game with an odd sense of humor. But if you dig in a bit you will find scenes that will make you cry or shudder. And let us not forget its unexpected ending.

A great small role playing game

It is difficult to be more specific about the virtues of Undertale without spoiling the surprises for you. You are looking at a great small role playing game with mechanics and stories that will affect you emotionally, and not the way you would expect it to. It lasts six hours and is very replayable. What are you waiting for? Let it surprise you!

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User reviews about Undertale

  • by Anonymous

    Fantastic!!!. This game is my life! I love how you have to think and solve puzzles, and the plot is fantastic! I luv Mettaton. Pros: Pu More

  • by Anonymous

    i love sans in undertale. i think undertale is great and my best freind is sans in undertale. Pros: sans. flowey. Cons: papyrus is weak More

  • by Anonymous

    sans is the greatest player in the game. I think undertale is great because they put sans in there I like it. Pros: sans. flowey. Cons: More

  • by Anonymous

    frisk. i like it cause i do'n want to DIE,and i want play this game.

  • by Anonymous

    try it out for yourself . the best indie game out there 2015-2016 and an amazing story