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A fun and engaging game

Undertale is a popular Windows game, which lets you go on a journey filled with fun and interesting plots. This RPG or role playing game is also available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and other platforms. You'll have to befriend ‘monsters’ in this almost potentially non-violent game. In this RPG, your character falls into a world of monsters, underground and away from the crust of the earth. To win, you'll need to find a way out. Contrary to the usual dynamics, killing is unnecessary, and you need to negotiate with humor and wit to get out of the underworld. With original soundtracks and good graphics, the game’s rich characters and fun storyline will keep you engaged.

Interesting storyline with plenty of features

With Undertale download, you need to use a battle system, a key element of role-playing games. However, this one strays from the typical system. Instead of requiring you to fight and kill enemies, it needs you to make friends with the ‘monsters’. Your character needs to discover and identify the emotional state of the monsters to use wit, knowledge, and humor to negotiate deals.

Every decision in the game affects the storyline. While certain characters try to kill you, others become your friends. With an ever-changing plot, you'll find yourself playing Undertale over and over again. It’s an excellent game that reminds you of popular RPGs like Deltarune and Unitale.

Does Undertale come with good graphics?

Undertale uses rudimentary graphics, which could look out of place in an era dominated by PUBG and GTA: Vice City. However, the game manages to capture the emotions of different characters in the most unusual way. 

Does Undertale have a good storyline?

In this Windows game, the story is set around a world years after a war broke out between monsters and humans. Although the monsters lost the battle, they overtook the underground and started living a life beneath the surface of the earth. As a kid, you accidentally fall into the underground and need to find your way out.

Along the way, you make several friends, pet dogs, engage with skeletons, and provide consultations to lovestruck security guards. While you can try to fight off the monsters, it’s not the primary objective of the game. In fact, the main feature requires you to converse with all the monsters and work out agreements. 

From heckling to flirting, players are always a part of different puzzles. However, after some time, the puzzles may look repetitive. In order to minimize damage to the character, it’s important to avoid obstacles and tap the right buttons for the best results.

Does Undertale have engaging gameplay?

In the beginning, the gameplay feels similar to the tried and tested versions of different RPGs, including Gacha Club and Garry’s Mod - PropHunt. However, the fascinating change is in the battle system. Every fight, every battle, and every encounter in the game will involve some element of mercy, humor, or peace.

For instance, you may have to pet an enemy’s dog to gain some trust or flirt with the ‘skeleton’ to pass through several obstacles. When you show mercy in the game, it affects the overall narrative. In fact, Undertale can be played in three different ways. The first one focuses on the character being a pacifist. The second involves some simple kills. The third is about the mass killing of monsters.

In case you choose the route of violence, combat needs to be handled in an engaging and unique way. For instance, in order to attack enemies, you need to stop a moving line at the right place with a quick button press. It’s worth mentioning that the enemy responds with equal anger and ferocity. Moreover, you need to gain control over a small box with a red heart; simple gameplay unfolds, requiring you to dodge everything coming out of the box.

Throughout the game, you need to protect yourself from jumping dogs, spiders, and other kinds of monstrous creatures. Undertale keeps you guessing about the different enemies and encounters. At times, you need to jump between fixed lines or avoid obstacles triggered by a sudden shift in gravity. Undertale focuses on dynamic gameplay, which keeps changing and evolving at every step of the game. While you sometimes know what to expect in the game, you’re never aware of the specifics of upcoming situations.

In Undertale, combat is interesting, fun, and engaging. It requires you to constantly focus on the changing elements of the game. If you’ve played RPGs or role-playing games before, you'll appreciate the game’s simplicity combined with various thrilling plots. The storyline keeps you interested in the game for hours. In fact, you can finish Undertale in about six hours before moving on to different strategy games designed for Windows PCs.

A simple yet exciting RPG

Developed by Tobyfox, Undertale is an excellent RPG. You'll make many friends, indulge in conversations, and use humor to get what you want. Available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 10, and other OS, the title is an excellent choice among leading RPGs.


  • Minimal violence
  • Engaging storyline
  • Interesting plots
  • Easy to play


  • Repetitive puzzles

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Undertale for PC

  • Trial version
  • In English
  • V 1.00
  • 4.3
  • (8095)

User reviews about Undertale

  • Elliot

    by Elliot

    it is just only a demo why? i justwant to play the full game of undertale where is papyrus,sans,undyne,asgore,ect...?

  • Dark Boy

    by Dark Boy

    is pretty cool and sad story i hope alot of people play it

  • Alex Goodsir

    by Alex Goodsir

    cuz it 8s fun and my frend plays it and iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • dark archer

    by dark archer

    it is fun




  • gunbileg altanbagana

    by gunbileg altanbagana

    i love that we get to fight toriel like we do in the actual game another is that we get to have practice on these types of games


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